How to order a translation?

Translations can be ordered by telephone, fax, 24-hour mobile telephone, e-mail, in writing or on diskette by mail, in person at our address.

Data format of the order and the manner of handing over.

Translations are carried out in the Microsoft Word word processor or the Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet. It is possible to ensure a different format of data according to the client’s requirement, including commonly used formats. Translations are handed over by fax, mail (printed version), diskette, CD), e-mail, personally in our office.

Payment terms?

Invoicing is performed after receipt of the translation has been confirmed by the client. Invoices are due within 14 days. For orders whose expected price exceeds EUR 500, partial advance payment may be required.

Calculation of translation price?

The price of a translation is calculated in the target language by Microsoft Word in such a manner that from the menu TOOLS the menu item NUMBER OF WORDS is selected. Here the sum of all CHARACTERS, WITHOUT SPACES, is divided by 1,500 and result is multiplied by the unit price of the translation, excluding VAT. Orders smaller than 1 NS are invoiced as 1 NS.

Do you need a certified translation of a deed?

Send us your document or deed and we will ensure legal verification of the translation. In the case of unique deeds (passport, birth certificate, ID card, driving licence, etc.), it is necessary to make a copy and have it legally verified at a registry office or by a notary. For verification, the translator must bind the source text with the translation.

Express service

Express service means an order of more than 6-8 standard pages per working day (on the basis of the complexity of source materials and individual agreement). The express charge for a translation is 30% of the total price of the translation.


At the client’s request, we perform comprehensive processing of documents, including transfer of images from paper form, editing of images, formatting, preparation for printing. The charge for DTP is according to agreement.