If you are looking for a translator from Korean or into Korean , we are please to offer the service of our extensive pool of Korean linguists to match your needs.

We offer you translation into/from Korean with quality, reliability, discretion, speed and reasonable price guaranteed:

  • Processing of professional technical documentation (no extra charge)
  • Translations of large documents, manuals, offers and tenders within short deadlines
  • Translation of common texts
  • Customisation of software and websites
  • Promotional materials, presentations, annual reports
  • Business correspondence in the mentioned languages
  • Editing and proofreading of ready texts, typing and OCR services
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Informative interpreting
  • Translations by native speakers
  • Legal verification of documents
  • PC processing according to your requirements (Trados, Transit, Word XP, Excel, etc.)


The Korean language is the most widely used language in Korea, and is the official language of both North and South Korea. The language is also spoken widely in neighbouring Yanbian, China. Worldwide, there are around 78 million Korean speakers, including large groups in the former Soviet Union, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and more recently the Philippines. The language is strongly associated with the Korean people.

The genealogical classification of Korean is debated. It is sometimes placed by linguists in the Altaic language family, though others considered it to be a language isolate. Korean is agglutinative in its morphology and SOV in its syntax.

The native Korean writing system, called hangul, is a phonemic alphabet. Sino-Korean characters, or hanja, are also used in writing. While the most commonly used words in the language are of native Korean origin, well over 50% of the vocabulary consists of words composed from hanja.


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