If you are looking for a translator from Slovak or into Slovak , we are please to offer the service of our extensive pool of Slovak linguists to match your needs.

We offer you translation into/from Slovak with quality, reliability, discretion, speed and reasonable price guaranteed:

  • Processing of professional technical documentation (no extra charge)
  • Translations of large documents, manuals, offers and tenders within short deadlines
  • Translation of common texts
  • Customisation of software and websites
  • Promotional materials, presentations, annual reports
  • Business correspondence in the mentioned languages
  • Editing and proofreading of ready texts, typing and OCR services
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Informative interpreting
  • Translations by native speakers
  • Legal verification of documents
  • PC processing according to your requirements (Trados, Transit, Word XP, Excel, etc.)


The Slovak language is an Indo-European language, more precisely a West Slavic language (together with mainly the Czech, Polish, and Serbian languages). Slovak is especially close to Czech, speakers of both languages usually understand each other well.

Slovak is spoken in Slovakia (by 5 million people), the USA (500,000, emigrants), the Czech Republic (320,000, due to former Czechoslovakia), Hungary (110,000, ancient ethnic minority), Serbia-Voivodina (60,000), Romania (22,000), Poland (20,000), Canada (20,000, emigrants), Australia (emigrants), Austria, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia (5,000) and some other countries.

The correct American English adjective for the language, people, and culture of Slovakia is ‘Slovak;’ Slovak belongs to the ‘Slavic’ group of languages. British usage sometimes employs ‘Slovakian’ for the American ‘Slovak’ and uses ‘Slavonic’ where the American usage is ‘Slavic’.


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