We offer consecutive, simultaneous and certified interpretation.

Consecutive – means interpreting the speech by parts. The speaker says some of his or her thoughts, then pauses and lets the interpreter translate the thoughts into the other language (consecutive interpreting is used for meeting delegations, business meetings or lunches).

Simultaneous – means that the translation is provided at the same time. The speaker/speakers speak and do not make any pauses for the interpreter. The languages are preapproved and the interpreters interpret the text into other languages in interpreting cabins so that each of the participants can choose the language they want in their headphones.

Certified – interpreting during court proceedings, interpreting of official events and when dealing with state authorities. Sworn interpreters are officially appointed by the regional courts of the Czech Republic and they are authorised to provide such services. The list of official sworn interpreters can be found at the website of the Czech Ministry of Justice. The activity of sworn interpreters and translators is governed by Act No. 36/1967 Coll., On Experts and Interpreters, as amended.


What you need to know before ordering an interpreting service:

  • Prepare the referential material and technical documentation on the topic
  • Place and time of interpreting
  • Possible languages that can be used for interpreting the event
  • Contact person
  • Any required equipment
  • Provision of transport, accommodation and catering for the interpreter

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